FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! #95 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments)

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25 Responses

  1. Cristiano Cullemi says:

    Semplicemente aimbot

  2. Hik Dingle says:

    Why all the axe swinging in the air?

  3. Best of Fortnite says:

  4. Best of Fortnite says:

  5. Best of Fortnite says:

  6. Best of Fortnite says:

  7. Kenzi xo says:

    8:25 thanks for using my shot <3

  8. Alejandro Leonardo Cernadas says:

    Yo si ago algún épic me creo mejor que Tfue por años

  9. 考えるのをやめたGULIRU君 says:

    I like watching your movies from japan!!!

  10. Peñe Kaka says:

    Te regalo mi cuenta de fortnite la cuenta es y la contraseña es Lonestar360 es que ya no la voy a usar

  11. Moonhead says:

    I’m still sad about 6:30 🙁

  12. Wippey says:

    yay I was at the very end lol

  13. Neo Driver says:

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  14. Jaime Aventureros says:

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  15. elSerch says:

    Buenas tardes a todos hago videos de juegos, me gustaría que se tomaran la molestia de pasarse por mi canal, muchísimas gracias!

  16. You don't saw anything ok? says:

    Would no scoping to bush from skybase be a good clip? 'Cause i do that

  17. Carlos Olivera XD says:

    arcade network are using your videos on a Honduras newsletter called today and use it without your permission the gta5

  18. MrSestahmusik says:

  19. ilyasFORplayz zZ says:

    subscribe if your favorite skin is fishtick

  20. LordBloks says:

    0:49 he just got sniped

  21. ImFaiZaal says:

    @1:13 what skin is that

  22. Swayzi says:

    7:54 meee

  23. Yah Dula says:

    Check out my vids?

  24. GamerX says:

    Only rest 5 best moments of fortnite

  25. how to gaming says:

    7:25 is