*NEW EDIT TRICK* SNIPE THROUGH RAMPS!! – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #797

Support us on Fortnite by using CODE “BCC” IN THE ITEM SHOP! What’s up guys, back with Episode 797 of our Fortnite Awesome & Funny Moments! In today’s …


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37 Responses

  1. Peely Clan says:

    Peely because i have a clan names Peely

  2. EagleBuster270 says:

    This channel actually needs to be deleted

  3. One million Subscribers without any video challenge says:

    0:58 is what you came for
    Use code BCC

  4. Isabella Lawson says:

    Skill is better because there is no such thing as luck

  5. 1000 subscribers without Any videos challenge says:


  6. Guilherme says:

    Só tem bot nesse canal

  7. martin cifuentes says:

    Eso de la rampa es re viejo

  8. Charlie Middleton says:

    Bcc t
    Bcc tr
    Bcc tro
    Bcc trol
    Bcc troll
    Bcc trolli
    Bcc trollin
    Bcc trolling

    Well done if you got to the end

  9. LimYang GD says:

    0:57 is what u came for

    Use code BBC in the item shop ❤️❤️

  10. LeoTheBoy says:

    James Charles just kissed you

    You punched him in the face

  11. fortnite pro says:


  12. Ronaldo Cr7 says:

    7:31 sed for lazerbeam enjoying im rhe bush

  13. Viper Bolt says:

    Is this what people call fortnite

  14. The demon says:

    El truco de la escalera ya lo sabia yo uso ese metodo

  15. Vexify Moe says:

    1:00 I do that every time when I play sence season 10

  16. luze says:

    Bcc u guys r dumb

  17. Diego Peña says:

    Yo buscando comentarios de habla español (Chile)

  18. LiQuId xD says:

    0:57 is what u came for use code bbc in the item shop

  19. Cakez Da Rush123 says:

    5:40 I had the same thing happen to me


    Subscribe to me pls I’m will appreciate it

  21. ツKILLƐZINN says:


  22. matro10011 un poco de todo says:

    0:57 use code BCC in the ithem shop

  23. SCA_G0D says:

    does anyone know the email to submit to bcc? I have a few clips i would like to submit

  24. GoodBoi says:

    It's not an edit trick he literally just destroyed it with an edit

  25. Timonito _lp says:


  26. NRT Skully says:

    Skip to 1:00

  27. 2măš J says:

    2:35 THANK YOU!

  28. Old Šetrhend says:

    This isn't any new trick. It was in the game since beggining…

  29. quartzexpress says:

    9:15 this clip is so satisfying to look at

  30. Attila Bognár says:


  31. Minerly says:

    The clips they have in their videos now are so bad. This channel used to be a channel where you could see the best clips. Now its just a channel that posts bad clips

  32. bull3tpr00f ROBLOX says:

    0:57 this is what you came for

    Dont forget to use code : BCC ❤️

  33. hirtä ittes palleista says:

    How are these funny moments

  34. Armando Martinez says:


  35. wz Falco anomalo says:

    0:36 quando dopo mesi ci sono italiani in sto canale (eccetto pow3r)

  36. Alp' says:

    This is platenistaken's tactic

  37. Yesenia Montalvo says:

    Look at my clips please put me in a vid