tik toks that are peak GEN-Z humor🤣😋😇

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33 Responses

  1. i h a t e y o u says:

    2019: Renegade

    2020: celebs joining tik tok

  2. Bailey Sharp says:

    Tic toc will shut down on may 9 2020

  3. Carson Chandler says:

    Hi I ain’t got no mom 19:08

  4. Evanl 2020 says:

    14:02 what did she do after

  5. EVAN 8207 says:

    What is the song at 4:27

  6. Just Sad And Dying says:

    13:27 hmmm yes because no female on the planet has EVER played GTA before

  7. royal Queen UwU says:

    7:06 to me was very disrespectful , nine times out of ten this person who made the tik tok about what they are didn’t send This to u individual u may not like the LGBTQ+community and that’s fine but keep it to yourself

  8. wheresthe lambsauce says:

    0:10 ok but jacob is actually funny in that-

  9. Beatrix Jones says:

    0:09 I wonder why

  10. VIBE_Atomic says:

    I love how these all didn’t make me laugh

  11. MournMy Snipe says:

    14:04 hours nobody talking about this like fr

  12. Burnt Ice says:

    My name is also gauge 16:40

  13. I'm a crazy mutistan says:

    Jacob Sartorious isn't relevant at this point like who the hell is he

  14. Ilana Pulman says:

    Please stop putting merch it annoys the crap outta me i just wanna watch tik toks thank u

  15. Xandarian Games says:

    19:44 its called a Hitchcock zoom, it was invented by Alfred Hitchcock, the director of films such as The Birds and Psycho (aka that movie with the shower murder scene that everyone parodies)

  16. Fae Seitz says:

    join the cult

  17. The FluffyPotato says:

    I laughed at the CEO of Transition AHAHHAHAHAHHA

  18. I'm Salty says:

    Join the cult.

  19. internet troll says:

    Stupid teenagers: this is the best app ever!!!
    Adults: this app is f*"king stupid

  20. Ayane 017 says:

    Join the cult

  21. Seth Feldhuhn says:

    9:17 song?

  22. Ben Schapiro says:

    That one with the non binary person is hilarious. Seriously tho stfu no one cares about that shit.

  23. U0X says:

    the one at 18:14 said she would rather give me head then listen to my friends voice
    smh demoned, I even star in her videos, sad days for papa optimus, didn't get my nudes tho

  24. Stinky ASMR says:

    6:36 is literally the same speed my class mate types and it is so annoying

  25. AzxHawaiian says:

    12:51 lmao he was going for cigarettes for 15 years, also this video should be flipped

  26. msmx music says:

    0:14 he ain’t that bad lookin cmon
    tbh im kinda likin the headband

  27. msmx music says:

    1:32 he really embracin the meme respecc

  28. msmx music says:

    4:11 god’s right next to u who u prayin 2

  29. Shady Shay says:

    How do you crash a Tesla that badly. Like the car can literally drive itself without crashing

  30. EpicDrawer4Life 125 says:

    Are you serious!? RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SALAD!?

  31. A Name says:

    Damn. I got banned from the server for no reason.

  32. Raymond Nguyen says:

    No one:

    Jotaro: 17:06

  33. Luv U says:

    14:01 why is no one talking about this? ಥ_ಥ